ALESIS SURGE 16 Electronic Dual Zone Ride Cymbal


16" Ride Cymbal Expansion

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     The SURGE 16" Ride Cymbal is the world's first ride cymbal with built-in electronic triggering. Playing on the face, edge or bell; with the tip, crashing, shanking or shouldering the ride all feels the way you'd expect a cymbal to feel. Two triggering zones allow different sounds to be triggered when playing the bell and face.Made from genuine cymbal brass-alloy, SURGE Cymbals have centuries of cymbal craftsmanship in their DNA, cross-bred with Alesis' decades of experience in electronic triggering technology.


SURGE 16" Ride Cymbal
Genuine lathed, brass-alloy cymbal
Unique, patented design for maximum performance and acoustical sound reduction
Built-in two-zone piezo triggering for industry-wide compatibility
Incomparably realistic cymbal feel
Traditional cymbal design
True cymbal appearance
Mountable on standard cymbal stands
Includes cable for connection to module
Compatible with most drum modules. See compatibility guide for details.
Outputs: 1 TRS, 1/4” (9’ cable included)
Zones: ride and bell
Choke Trigger: plastic membrane on underside of cymbal