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  • Lab Gruppen CMA1201-120 Watt Commercial Mixer Amplifier with 4 Inputs
  • Lab Gruppen CMA1201-120 Watt Commercial Mixer Amplifier with 4 Inputs
  • Lab Gruppen CMA1201-120 Watt Commercial Mixer Amplifier with 4 Inputs
  • Lab Gruppen CMA1201-120 Watt Commercial Mixer Amplifier with 4 Inputs
  • Lab Gruppen CMA1201-120 Watt Commercial Mixer Amplifier with 4 Inputs
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Lab Gruppen CMA1201-120 Watt Commercial Mixer Amplifier with 4 Inputs

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  • 120 Watt mixer amplifier for commercial and industrial applications

  • Low-Z (4/8 Ohm) and High-Z (70/100 V) operation with switchable high-pass filter

  • 4 mic/line inputs with individual volume controls

  • Energy efficient design conserves energy and reduces

  • Individual front panel master volume and bass/treble controls

  • Configurable priority muting function for background music override

  • Direct drive, constant power technology for superior audio performance and reliability

  • GPI remote volume control using standard RJ-45 connector and Ethernet cable

  • Auto Ramp circuitry for quiet and fast power up/down enables real-world energy savings

  • Front panel power control button for direct access

  • Aux output for expansion to additional amplifiers

  • Rack-mountable 1U, half-rack width enclosure with joining brackets for rack, table and wall mounting

  • Euroblock type mic/line input and output connectors

  • Convection-cooled, fan-less amplifier technology for low noise



A 120 Watt Commercial Mixer Amplifier that provides the perfect solution for commercial and industrial applications requiring great sounding, distributed audio coupled with power conservation and reduced operating expense. Capable of delivering high-quality sound over both Low-Z (4/8 Ohm) and High-Z (70/100 V) loudspeaker configurations and offers extreme flexibility on every channel. The CMA1201 is easy to install and operate – even for non-technical personnel. Simply put, the CMA1201 is ideal-suited for bars and restaurants, retail destinations, hotels, corporate, education or other venues needing background music and/or a public address system.

Easy to Install

The CMA1201 comes equipped with rubber feet, enabling the amps to be placed on a desk, shelf or any clear surface without any additional installation requirements. However, optional rack mounting hardware is also supplied, allowing one or several models to be housed and protected inside an enclosure. This adds extensive flexibility as a single product can be housed in a half 19" rack or full rack enclosure as well as a pair of amplifiers can easily be mounted side-by-side in a single rack space. With the included brackets the unit can also be mounted to a wall or under a table/shelf.

Automatic Power On/Off

The CMA1201 has a flexible power scheme with seamless and automatic power on/off based on the input signal, which reduces consumption when a signal is not present. With virtually zero configuration required, an energy smart and hassle-free amplifier system can easily be set up for hands-off operation. If the CMA1201 is powered on but does not receive an input signal for 20 minutes, the system automatically enters sleep mode to reduce power consumption. As soon as the Auto Ramp circuit detects a signal, the system powers on and normal operation resumes. The amplifier can also be instantly forced into standby mode or awakened via the front panel power button.


4 or 8 Ω per channel
120 W
Number of Amplifier Channels 1
Minimun Load Impedance

4 Ω mode - 4 Ω

8 Ω mode - 8 Ω

70 V output mode - 41 Ω

100 V output mode - 82 Ω

Amplifier output 2-pin Euroblock connector, stereo
Aux output 3-pin Euroblock connector
Aux output max level 4.88 V (16 dBu)

Front - Power standby button, input and output gain control, tone controls - bass and treble

Rear - Load config - (4 Ω / 8 Ω / 70 V / 100 V), switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter, mic/line switch, vox/ducking threshold control, phantom power, input routing (2-channel models only)

Tone Controls

Bass - ±10 dB @ 100 Hz

Treble - ±10 dB @ 10 kHz

Power On (blue), force standby (red), standby (yellow)
Power Supply, Voltage (Fuse)

Main voltage - 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz

Fuse - T 3.15 A L 250 V

Power consumption 1/8th rated power@ 4 Ω - 50 W

Mains connector - Standard IEC connector

 Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions (H x W x D) - 44 x 218 x 299 mm (1.8 x 8.6 x 11.8")

Weight - 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)

Finish - Brushed black anodized aluminum chassis with black painted steel bottom