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  • Ahuja CS451T Ceiling Speaker
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Ahuja CS451T Ceiling Speaker

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Ahuja's CS451T Ceiling Speaker gives you great sound without visual clutter or cable mess. You get clean, crisp audio, perfect for office installations, surround sound, or a secondary speaker system in another room. Ahuja engineers have done the hard work, making installation a breeze. The CS451T's 16-ohm impedance lets you use multiple speakers in parallel without an expensive constant voltage distributed system.

Weight 0.50kg
Dimensions 160 ‚ H68 mm
Frequency Response 80-15,000Hz
Impedance 2.5k/5k/10k
Input Power 4W RMS
Power Taps on 100v 4/2/1W
SPL at 1kHZ 92dB