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  • Ahuja TZA1500 Two Zone PA Mixer Amplifier
  • Ahuja TZA1500 Two Zone PA Mixer Amplifier
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Ahuja TZA1500 Two Zone PA Mixer Amplifier

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  • 6 Mic & 2 Aux Inputs.
  • Preamplifier Output for connecting to a Booster Amplifier and for recording the program.
  • Bass & Treble Controls.



TZA-1500 permits connecting 100V (LMT) type speakers to one Zone and low impedance type speakers to other Zone without causing overloading and overheating. Instant transfer to DC power (Car Battery) if AC fails. Zone On/Off facility. Output levels of each Zone can be set independently to desired levels and the zones can be switched On/Off without disturbing the volume settings.



Power output: 100W + 100W Max., 80W + 80W RMS at 10% THD, 70W + 70W RMS at 5% THD, 60W + 60W RMS at 2% THD
Input channel:  6 × Mic 0.6mV/4.7kΩ, 2 × Aux 100mV/470 kΩ
Frequency response:  65-15,000Hz ±3dB
Signal to noise ratio:  60dB
Power supply:  AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz DC: 12V (12V Car Battery)
Power consumption:  AC: 300VA DC: 6A
Dimensions:  W460 × H155 × D310 mm
Weight:  14.2 Kg