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  • Alesis PHLNGR ModFX Flanger
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Alesis PHLNGR ModFX Flanger

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High-Resolution Processing

The Phlngr internally uses 28-bit stereo digital signal processing. The digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion are sampled at 48kHz with 24 bits of resolution. That means you can get the effect you want, without adding unwanted noise and distortion.


If you're using multiple ModFX boxes to make your own unique effects chain, ModLink makes it easy to hookup without needing patch cords between units in a chain. The nine-pin connectors built into each side of the case enable a ModFX box to transfer digital audio and word clock directly to another. Any number of units can be connected together.

Configurable Modulation

The Phlngr lets you select from five different types of stereo and mono flanging, each of which can be modulated by one of five different waveforms. Each waveform has the ability to synchronize itself to the tempo, both by tap tempo and by audio input. The user can control the center of the flanging point, the amount of regeneration, the rate, and the depth of the modulation.

Phlngr Key Features:

  • High-quality stereo flanging effect with configurable modulation settings
  • Tempo synchronization for flange speed keeps effects modulation in time with the music
  • Tap Tempo makes it easy to set the Phlngr‚speed by tapping a beat on the top panel
  • Uniform, friendly, uncomplicated user interface fiddling with complicated menus or ‚hidden knobs
  • Reset Mod lets you reset the phase of any modulation shape from its beginning
  • Stereo processing via four 1/4 unbalanced connectors
  • ModLink port, a cable-free connection that transfers digital audio and word clock to other boxes in the ModFX family
  • Footswitch connection to control the bypass function, Ability to mount 3 ModFX boxes in the optional ModFX rack adapter
  • Input trim control to adjust the input level
  • Internal 28-bit digital processing
  • 24-bit D/A and A/D conversion at 48kHz sampling rate for quiet, distortion-free effects