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  • Behringer X-LIVE X32 Expansion Card for 32-channel SD/SDHC card
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Behringer X-LIVE X32 Expansion Card for 32-channel SD/SDHC card

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The X-LIVE interface card expands on the already stellar performance of the X-USB card that has been standard in X32 consoles for years. The same 32-channel bi-directional audio I/O via USB 2.0 is available, providing 32 channels for recording and playback, plus remote operation of your DAW via HUI/Mackie Control emulation. The addition of dual SD/SDHC slots provides fully independent recording and playback of up to 32 channels of uncompressed WAV files inconsistent sessions up to the maximum capacity of the SD cards. Multi-channel recording without a laptop, as well as virtual sound checks, live backing-track support, accurate marker handling and manipulation, and full remote operation from PC, Android* or iPad* apps and X-TOUCH control surfaces. All of this barely begins to scratch the surface of what X-LIVE can bring to your X32.

Brand Behringer
Compatibility: Behringer X32 Expansion Card
Connections 1 x USB Type B, 1 x SD card slot, 1 x SDHC card slot
Manufacturer Part Number : XLIVE