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  • Meinl HCSB14161820 HCS Bronze Set 14"HH+16"TRC+18"C+20"R
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Meinl HCSB14161820 HCS Bronze Set 14"HH+16"TRC+18"C+20"R

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  • Perfect for players of all skill levels
  • B8 Bronze alloy creates a bright and focused tone
  • Extensive top lathing enables the cymbal to ring with dynamic expression
  • Delivers a quick, smooth attack for an airy feel
  • Lathed profile ensures consistent symmetrical sound
  • Traditional finish looks great onstage



Meinl HCS Bronze cymbals are an updated take on the incredibly popular HCS Series that offers excellent tone at a bargain price. Made from B8 bronze alloy, these cymbals create bright overtones with a fast attack and textured wash. Featuring a lathe-formed profile with wide blade lathing, HCS Bronze cymbals have a sweetness and clarity to them that's hard to find in cymbals of this price point. Additional top lathing opens up the sound for an open and refined tone. Having a great set of cymbals doesn't need to break the bank! Grab some Meinl HCS Bronze cymbals and hear the difference for yourself. This 4-piece Expanded Cymbal Set includes a 14" Hi-hat pair, 16" Trash Crash, 18" Crash, and a 20" Ride that give you tons of sonic options to explore. Pretty soon, you'll be looking for more HCS Cymbals to add to your kit.


Brand Meinl
Type Cymbal Set
Series HCS Bronze
Hi-Hats 14" Heavy Hi-hat
Crash 18" Heavy Crash
Ride Heavy 20" Ride
Effects 16" Heavy Crash Trash
Material B8 Bronze Alloy