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  • Meinl HCSSCS 14"HH+16"C+18"C+16"CH+20"R+10"S Cymbal Set
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Meinl HCSSCS 14"HH+16"C+18"C+16"CH+20"R+10"S Cymbal Set

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  • Provides beginners with all of the cymbal types and sizes found in professional cymbal lines
  • 14" HCS hi-hats give you an articulate, clean sound to help you drive the beat
  • 20" HCS ride creates a well-defined ping with a nice bell
  • 16" and 18" HCS crashes provide a smooth attack and add a complex spread to your kit's sound
  • 10" HCS splash provides an immediate, cutting bright response that's perfect for fast accents
  • 16" HCS china delivers an explosive, brash, bright attack with deep, dark, trashy undertones
  • Durable MS63 brass alloy holds up and maintains excellent tone
  • Provides a professional look as well as great sound



Providing you with a massive collection of warm, harmonical cymbals, the Meinl HCS Super Cymbal Set gives you everything you need to deliver a complete drum sound. You start with an articulate, clean-sounding 14" hi-hat pair to help you drive the beat. You also get a 20" ride that gives you a well-defined ping and nice bell. A pair of smooth-sounding crashes, a 16" and 18", add a complex spread to your kit's sound. The immediate, cutting response of the 10" splash cymbal is great for quick accents. And finally, the explosive, brash attack and dark, trashy undertones of the 16" china deliver an unbelievable dramatic effect. The Meinl HCS Super Cymbal Set is a great way to top off your kit!

Meinl HCS cymbals are crafted in Germany from durable MS63 brass alloy, which holds up to the force of your sticks while maintaining excellent musical pitches and tones. On top of that, their realistic prices make HCS cymbals the perfect choice for beginners who are building their first kit.


Brand Meinl
Type Cymbal Set
Series HCS
Hi-Hats HCS14H 14" Hi-hats
Crash 1 HCS16C 16" Crash
Crash 2 HCS18C 18" Crash
Ride HCS20R 20" Ride
Effects HCS10S 10" Splash, HCS16CH 16" China
Material MS63 Brass