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  • Meinl MSTP Split Tone Pad 12"
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Meinl MSTP Split Tone Pad 12"

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  • 3 different sounds and feels plus a full workout pad on the back
  • Black = standard pad, red dots = high-pitched pads, oval shape = muted soft foam
  • 12" diameter surface to fit in any snare stand
  • 6mm silicone pad on the top surface with 12mm foam on the workout side
  • Workout side provides reduced rebound and noise to build muscle
  • Center material is 9mm solid MDF



The Split Tone Pad consists of three distinct surfaces that offer different feels and volume levels, along with a reduced rebound section on the back. It is designed to train more than a simple rudiment.

With the Split Tone Pad, you can creatively mold your own systematic approach to advance your consistency, accuracy in unisons, hand independence and muscle strength. The power of this pad is in its ability to train your ears and mind for a better understanding of rhythms.

The primary pad (middle) has a regular tone and feel. Here, you can practice your hand exercises normally.

The secondary pads (red dots) have a higher tone compared to the primary pad. Switching between using only your left or right hand in these areas with the opposite hand in the middle splits your hands into two different sounds, which enables you to hear familiar rhythms from a different perspective.

The soft oval shape near the top is the muted section. By playing your full patterns on the primary pad and moving one hand at a time to this section, you hear the opposite hand very strong and loud while the hand playing the muted area becomes silent. This allows you to focus your attention strongly on one hand to pinpoint and smooth out any weakness. 

The workout pad on the back has a special surface with less rebound to warm up your muscles quickly and gain power. This side also doubles as a non-slip layer when playing the pad on flat surfaces.


Brand Meinl
Type Practice Pad
Size 12"

6mm silicone pad on the top surface

12mm foam on the workout side

Color Black with Red Dots

Black = standard pad

Red dots = high-pitched pads

Oval shape = muted soft foam

Central Material 9mm solid MDF