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  • Phonic Celeus 400 Analog Mixer
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Phonic Celeus 400 Analog Mixer

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Phonic's Celeus 400 is a small-format mixer that offers big console sound thanks to its wide bandwidth, ultra low-noise preamps for superior clarity and realism. To complement its high-quality analog sound, the Celeus 400 adds Bluetooth audio streaming plus USB recording and playback. Featuring a 32/40-bit digital effects processor and 7-band graphic EQ, the Celeus 400 also functions as a 2-channel, 16-bit/48kHz USB audio interface for DAW recording (PC/Mac). The Phonic Celeus 400 also includes computer-less USB audio with a built-in recorder/player that can record MP3 files to USB flash drives. It can play MP3 and WMA files for backing track accompaniment, or background music during breaks at gigs.