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  • Tovaste CYC163M 1/8" TRS Cable To RCA Plug
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Tovaste CYC163M 1/8" TRS Cable To RCA Plug

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These high quality cables allow you to connect your amplifier to two different speakers using only one mono connection on the amplifier side. The exacting design of the entire line of products make Pro Co the smart choice for your needs. From simple hookup cables to complex studio harnessing, only high-grade components and time-proven manufacturing techniques are employed. To ensure you are receiving the highest quality cable for your dollar, try a Music Majlis cable today!

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Cable color: Bass and Treble EQ
Cable length: Audiences up to 100
Connector 1: XLR Inputs, Mini-jack inputs, Jack Inputs,
Connector 2: AH112
Connector Color: Laney