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  • Vater VH5BN Nylon Tip Drum Sticks
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Vater VH5BN Nylon Tip Drum Sticks

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Vater drumsticks are a great choice for any drummer. Whether you rock out behind an acoustic kit, an electronic kit, or auxiliary percussion, Vater makes a stick that's ideal for the sound you're after. Constructed with premium woods and with careful thought to the individual drummer, Music Majlis has a set of Vater drumsticks for you whether you play metal, rock, jazz, country, latin, or even march with the band. Vater drumsticks and line of specialty sticks, mallets, brushes, and accessories put tonal choice, playability, and dependability into your hands.

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Brand Vater
Manufacturer Part Number : VH5BN
Tip Material: Nylon Tip